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Allentown Housing Authority
1339 W Allen Street Allentown, PA 18102
Phone: 610-439-8678
TDD: 610-439-1586

AHA assigns one bedroom to two people based on the following guidelines:

Circumstance may dictate a larger size than the Subsidy Standards permit when persons cannot share a bedroom because of an accommodation that has been requested, such as:

The AHA may deny or terminate program assistance for an applicant/participant for any of the following reasons:

Please Note: The AHA will furnish new landlords with your current address, the name and address of the landlord at your current and prior address and your rental history, payments, damages and any history of drugs.

If your family includes a disabled person you may request a list of accessible units known to AHA.

If you receive a letter stating that your housing assistance is going to be terminated, you may request a hearing by submitting a written request within 10 days from the date or postmark of the letter.