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Privacy Policy

Protecting your private information is of paramount importance to us. Private information includes that which has been provided during enrollment and that which is submitted by you during a payment transaction. The following section outlines our Privacy Standard.

Limiting the Collection and Use of Information

  1. We will limit the collection of personal and other information to the extent required by the E-Bill application. And wherever information is collected, the Customer may inquire as to the intent.
  2. Personal information is retained only so long as it is required by the E-Bill application. Upon cancellation of service, the customer's personal information is removed from the application.

Sharing Information with a Third Party

  1. We provide information about customer accounts or other personally identifiable data to third parties only when the information is necessary to complete a customer-initiated transaction, or when the law requires disclosure.
  2. Although individual information is not disclosed to any third party (unless it meets the aforementioned criteria) we do, however, reserve the right to target and market their services based on the user profile.
  3. We may share the aggregate (statistical) information with third parties without reference to individual information.

Customer's Freedom to Modify Information

  1. The customer may review and modify his or her personal information at any time.
  2. We may email you on billing or service-related issues. The email address will not be disclosed to other parties for any purpose not relating to billing or service.

Security Assurance

  1. We enforce appropriate access and physical control to safeguard personal information in our processing environment.
  2. We strictly adhere to all regulatory requirements with regard to privacy.
  3. Our Company employees are educated on the importance of privacy and confidentiality. Only those employees having a legitimate business reason can access account information. Disciplinary action will be exercised against any employee violating these standards.
  4. Our policy is restricted to the E-Bill system only. It does not extend to operations, inherent in other Internet processes, over which we have no control.